Club Director Training – Online Quiz

Take our online quiz to help club directors test their knowledge.

This will be useful for:
• Existing club directors wanting to refresh their knowledge of situations that may arise in club bridge
• Trainee directors, those who have studied the EBED TD training programme, Days 0, 1 & 2 and are preparing for their TD training assessment.
• Players who want to test their knowledge of situations they may come across in club duplicate.

There are 40 questions, some are quite challenging.

Click here to access the quiz

After completing all 40 questions you will be provided with a review of your answers, and the correct answer for each question will be indicated, plus additional guidance to help you understand the correct answer.


All questions have been reviewed by a panel of the EBU’s top tournament directors. However, there is still a chance that you may spot mistakes. If you think you have spotted a mistake, or something that could be improved, then please provide your feedback to Mark Humphris at EBED. Email

Known Bug

Certain multiple-choice questions require the user to select more than one correct option. However the delegate has to select ALL the correct answers to obtain the point for the question. This is a little unfair, but currently there is no way around this. It’s a limitation of the Microsoft Forms platform used for this quiz. At the moment the good people at Microsoft tell us that there is no way around this.

Improve your skills and knowledge

EBED runs training for club directors
Here is an explanation of the TD training program
Or see our EBED director training calendar