Club Teacher Training Courses


EBED 2020 Club Teacher Training Course Schedule

Would your bridge club benefit from new members? Is your club interested in hosting a Club Teacher Training course? If you have answered yes to either of these questions and would like to know more, please call Claire Wheeler, EBED Training Manager 01296-317221 and help bring new players to the game.

EBED 2019 Club Teacher Training Courses - NOW ALL SOLD OUT

Stretford Bridge Club - 12/13 February 2019 SOLD OUT
Faversham Bridge Club - 16/17 February 2019 SOLD OUT
Wetherby Bridge Club - 9/10 March 2019 SOLD OUT
Aylesbury HQ - 13/14 March 2019 SOLD OUT
Bristol Bridge Club - 6/7 April 2019 SOLD OUT
Horsham Bridge Club - 11/12 Apil 2019 SOLD OUT
Exeter Bridge Club - 15/16 Apil 2019 SOLD OUT
Preston Bridge Club - 15/16 May 2019 SOLD OUT
Spondon East Midlands Bridge Club - 22/23 May 2019 SOLD OUT
Chalfont Bridge Club - 1/2 June 2019 SOLD OUT
Solihull West Midlands Bridge Club - 29/30 June 2019 SOLD OUT
Watford Camelot HQ - 17/18 July 2019 SOLD OUT
Bognor Regis Bridge Club - 20/21 July 2019 SOLD OUT
Halifax Bridge Club - 10/11 August 2019 SOLD OUT
Young Chelsea Bridge Club - 17/18 October 2019 SOLD OUT
Aylesbury HQ - 27/28 November 2019 SOLD OUT

You can see more information about EBED's Club Teacher Training courses here.

Concessions for EBU Affiliated Clubs
For all bookings received from, invoiced to, and paid by, an EBU affiliated club, a 20% discount applies (this discount is funded by the EBU). The discount is only offered to clubs that are paying for their teachers to attend. There is no limit to the number from each club who can attend. All other bookings are at full price. Places are subject to availability.

Free places for affiliated clubs - Clubs affiliated to the EBU may receive a 'free place' on these courses. They should book on the course as per the above instructions, and a club official should email Jonathan Lillycrop, EBU Club Liaison Officer, to advise him of the club member details who is attending the course, and confirm that the club has approved their attendance on its behalf. Applications for a free place should only be made if it will be used in the spirit for which it is intended – to help a member provide lessons to bring new players in to the club as part of a club-wide effort to grow the membership and help the club thrive. Upon the member's completion of the course, the cost will be refunded to the club via its EBU account. Each club may only apply for one free place every two years, and if receiving a free place (unless in exceptional circumstances) it must remain affiliated for the following two years.