Club Teacher Training Courses

EBED 2021 Club Teacher Training Course Schedule

Please note: due to the Coronavirus alert, all courses advertised may be subject to cancellation. EBED will give as much notice as possible if a course is to be cancelled. We would also advise you to book flexible accommodation and travel arrangements if either is required in order to attend your course.

The County Bridge Club Leicester - 21/22 March 2020 POSTPONED
Horsham Bridge Club - 16/17 April 2020 ONLINE
Leeds Bridge Club - 21/22 April 2020 POSTPONED
Aylesbury HQ - 6/7 May 2020 POSTPONED
Wallingford Bridge Club - 26/27 May 2020 POSTPONED
Nailsea Bridge Club - 1/2 June 2020 POSTPONED
Norfolk Contract Bridge Association POSTPONED
Solihull West Midlands Bridge Club POSTPONED
Aylesbury HQ - 5/6 August 2020 POSTPONED
Basingstoke Bridge Club - 5/6 September 2020 ONLINE
22/23 October 2020 ONLINE
Aylesbury HQ - 18/19 November 2020 POSTPONED
ONLINE - 14/15 January 2021
ONLINE - 20/21 March 2021
ONLINE - 13/14 May 2021

If there is not a course local to you, and you wish to attend one, then please let us know. Would your bridge club benefit from new members? Is your club interested in hosting a Club Teacher Training course? If you would like to know more, please call Lisa Miller, EBED Education Coordinator 01296-317217 and help bring new players to the game.

To Book
Either call EBED direct on 01296 317217 or select the Book Course option available online via MyEBU.

Concessions for EBU Affiliated Clubs
For all bookings received from, invoiced to, and paid by, an EBU affiliated club, a 20% discount applies (this discount is funded by the EBU). The discount is only offered to clubs that are paying for their teachers to attend. There is no limit to the number from each club who can attend. All other bookings are at full price. Places are subject to availability.

Free Places for Affiliated Clubs
Clubs affiliated to the EBU may receive a 'free place' on these courses. They should book on the course by calling Lisa Miller at EBED on 01296-317217, and a club official should email Jonathan Lillycrop, EBU Club Liaison Officer, to advise him of the club member details who is attending the course, and confirm that the club has approved their attendance on its behalf. Applications for a free place should only be made if it will be used in the spirit for which it is intended – to help a member provide lessons to bring new players in to the club as part of a club-wide effort to grow the membership and help the club thrive. Upon the member's completion of the course, the cost will be refunded to the club via its EBU account. Each club may only apply for one free place every two years, and if receiving a free place (unless in exceptional circumstances) it must remain affiliated for the following two years.

To book a place on a course on behalf of a member of your club, a club representative should contact EBED by calling 01296 317217. You will be asked to pay for the place on the course at the time of making the booking, which will be subject to availability. You must indicate at the time of booking that this is intended to be a free place. These bookings must be made by calling EBED - online bookings are for full-price places only.

The full price of the course from 1st April 2021 is £220. However, all affiliated clubs receive a 20% discount, irrespective of whether it is ultimately a free place, so the affiliated club will be asked to pay £176 per person.

Once the place has been booked and before the course has taken place, the club should apply to make this a 'free place'.

Within a month of the member's completion of the course, the cost can be expected to be refunded to the club via its EBU account.

Terms for Receiving a Free Place
Each club may only apply for one free place every two calendar years - i.e. if a free place is given for a course in 2021 the club will next be able to receive a free place in 2023. If a free place is received, (unless in exceptional circumstances) the club must remain affiliated to the EBU for the following two years.

Cancellation charges
We are always sympathetic to a change in circumstances but cancellations should be made as soon as possible to avoid any forfeiture of entry fee. If a cancellation is made more than six weeks prior to the commencement of the course a full refund will be given. Cancellations made between the commencement and six weeks prior to the course will incur the following charges:
Within 4 - 6 weeks: 50% of the course fee will be refunded.
Less than 4 weeks prior to the course: no refund will be given.
Cancellation charges will not apply for attendees transferring to alternative Club Teacher Training courses.
In the event of EBED rescheduling a course, a full refund or option to transfer will apply. Please call Lisa Miller, EBED Education Coordinator on 01296-317217 for further information.
Please note: EBED are unable to reimburse delegates for additional costs such as accommodation, travel etc. if a course is rescheduled.