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EBED Simultaneous Pairs

The 2017 EBED Students & Schools Simultaneous Pairs

Takes place at any time between 20th February and 31st March 2017 - with separate events for Minibridge and Bridge. Open to anyone attending bridge classes. Information will shortly be sent to all EBTA teachers. 16 hands with a commentary. Free to enter. If your group would like more info please click here or to take part please contact Lisa Miller - 01296 317217, - for more information

Mark your diary for 2017 EBED Spring and Autumn Simultaneous Pairs

In 2017 EBED are targeting the proceeds from these Sims on improving and developing the infrastructure for bridge teaching in England.

EBED Spring Simultaneous Pairs : Monday to Thursday, 8th to 11th May 2017
EBED Autumn Simultaneous Pairs : Monday to Friday, 4th to 8th September 2017

Open to all clubs and teaching groups, regardless of affiliation (no additional fees for non affiliated clubs). Information on the 2017 events is available here. If your group would like to take part please contact Richard Banbury - 01296 317218,

More than 140 different clubs, and over 2700 pairs, took part in the 2016 EBED Autumn Simultaneous Pairs Event. Though the final figure is yet to be calculated, we believe the event has raised over £11,000 towards funding of EBED's work researching and promoting the health and social benefits of playing bridge. Thank you to all who took part. Results from the Sim Pairs can be found on the EBU website. The winning pairs on each day were :-

Monday 5th September 2016 Marc Chawner and Paul Spencer, Hutton Duplicate Bridge Club
Tuesday 6th September 2016 Austin Barnes and Sue Hyman, Bolton Bridge Club
Wednesday 7th September 2016 Peter Pennington-Smith and Eileen Townsend, Wymondham Wednesday Bridge Club
Thursday 8th September 2016 Chris Chambers and Peter Gemmell, Ipswich & Kesgrave Bridge Club
Friday 9th September 2016 Mark Sheppard and Philip Bennett, Devizes Bridge Club

The Bridge For All Minibridge Simultaneous Pairs