EBED Welcomes new Youth Coordinator Joan Bennett

EBED is pleased to announce that Joan Bennett has joined the charity as National Youth Coordinator.

Joan - a former winner of the Tom Bradley award - has been a driving force in junior bridge for the past few decades. She brings her talent and knowledge to EBED in what has been a very difficult time for junior bridge, with schools and universities dealing with Covid for well over 12 months now.

Building on the recent successful Young Bridge Challenge, Joan will work towards reshaping the network of volunteers active on the ground, with the aim of restarting bridge activities in schools and universities when the next academic year starts.

Joan joins EBED on a voluntary basis and she will be working one day per week, on Wednesdays.

Andy Margetts (EBED’s Chair) commented “All of us at EBED are immensely grateful to Joan and extremely pleased to welcome her to the team.”

If you are active on the youth front, or would like to get involved and want to get in touch with Joan, she can be reached at joan@ebedcio.org.uk