November 2018

Club Teacher Training Courses for 2019 Now Available!

EBED's Club Teacher Training courses for 2019 are well under way. Our next course with availability is being held at Bristol Bridge Club.


Bristol Bridge Club - Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th April 2019

You can see more information about the course here, as well as our Course Catalogue for 2019.

Thank you to all Sim Pairs participants

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's EBED Simultaneous Pairs. We hope you enjoyed playing.

Across the two events - the Spring Pairs and the Autumn Pairs - 155 different clubs and over 4000 pairs took part. This has raised over £18,000 for the charity which has provided important funds to support our work in developing the game, and taking it to a wider audience.

We are very grateful to everyone who participated, and particularly to those at the participating clubs who made their heat possible by dealing the boards, acting as TD, doing the scoring, and undertaking the other unseen jobs that many take for granted.

The dates for next year's EBED Sims are:
Spring Simultaneous Pairs - Monday 13th to Thursday 16th May
Autumn Simultaneous Pairs - Monday 2nd to Friday 6th September

We hope you will be keen to take part in 2019, to help support our ongoing work. Clubs are able to register for these competitions now through the EBU website using their account on My EBU.

We need your help with our research project

EBED is undertaking research in to the cognitive benefits of playing bridge, and needs volunteers.

Your may recall an earlier request for volunteers, but we continue to need bridge players who are willing to participate in the study.

We are specifically looking for right-handed women, aged between 60 and 80, who have been playing bridge for at least 10 years.

Please see here for more details, and for information on how to find more about what your participation will involve. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

EBED seeks Lead Trustee for Education

Due to Andrew Petrie standing down as Chairman from the end of March 2019, there will be a vacancy on the Board in April. As part of our succession planning process we would like to appoint someone who would eventually take over from Gary Ames as Lead Trustee for Education. We are therefore keen to appoint someone with a background in bridge teaching and education. Anyone interested in this role can obtain more details by emailing

Andy Margetts becomes Vice-Chairman of EBED

"I am pleased to announce that Andy Margetts will become Vice-Chairman of English Bridge Education & Development with effect from 1st October. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gary Ames for the huge amount of work and personal support he has provided during his tenure as Vice-Chairman of the charity."
Andrew Petrie, EBED Chairman