June 2018

Join us for the Junior Teach-In

The Junior Teach-In is a great opportunity for youngsters to learn to play bridge, or for established junior players to develop their game further.

It will take place at Phasels Wood Scout Activity Centre, Hertfordshire from 31st August to 2nd September, and all standards of players are welcome. There are introductory lessons for those who are brand new to the game, as well as teaching from some of the top tutors in the country, including England squad leaders, for more experienced players.

Kent Inter-Schools Bridge Competition a great success

EBED was pleased to support the recent second annual Kent Inter-Schools Bridge Competition. It was a great success with around 50 participating children, representing eight primary and secondary schools.

A full report, with a list of winners and more photos can be seen here (via the Kent CBA website).

Any schools in Kent wishing to be involved with bridge or minibridge should contact Anton Mauve.

EBED is keen to support the playing of bridge or minibridge in schools in any part of the country - please get in touch if we can help you get started.