January 2017

Club gets funding from council for TD training course

A Hampshire club has received funding from its local Borough Council so that members could attend one of our Tournament Director training courses.

Three members of Chilworth Bridge Club attended the course thanks to a grant from Test Valley Borough Council. The club hopes that the training will enable directors to run sessions throughout the year, thereby encouraging the valuable social and intellectual interaction the bridge can provide to residents in the area, particularly older players. The council obviously recognised and agreed with this likely benefit. We are pleased that local governing bodies are increasingly seeing the benefit of supporting bridge activities in their area - hopefully this council will be one of many.

If you’re happy, and you know it…you’re probably a bridge player

The study being undertaken by English Bridge Education and Development and Stirling University has confirmed what many people expected:
Playing bridge has a positive effect on wellbeing!

Over 7,000 people completed a survey over the summer, and bridge players had a higher sense of wellbeing than the control group – so the ‘Grumpy Old Man’ at your bridge club is the exception, rather than the rule, and most players are getting more satisfaction from life than the average person.

Whilst this may not be a surprise to many, it is the first time that this has been shown through scientific research.

This can have huge implications for the work being done by EBED as the results were ‘statistically significant’ so can be cited as quantifiable evidence when approaching funding bodies and government organisations.

EBED intend the next stage will be to carry out fMRI scans on the brain to try to identify if playing bridge has a positive effect in enhancing and preserving brain function.

Having bridge ‘prescribed’ by charities and health organisations may be a little way off, but this evidence could be an exciting step towards helping to prove that getting more people playing bridge could generate considerable benefits to society in health cost savings and the enhancement of quality of life.

More information on this project, and the various studies it encompasses, including the full findings of the first stage in the research, and information on the methodology, is available here.

EBED has made a significant financial commitment to this project, but needs help to ensure it realises its full potential. If you would like to support EBED's work in this area please make a donation.