Give the Gift of Bridge this Christmas

For almost 35 years, Lisa Miller - EBED Team Co-Ordinator, has helped change the future for people with a passion for Bridge. By making a gift in your will to EBED, you can too.

We know that this decision is something you’ll want to think about very carefully. If you decide you would like to donate in this way, here we explain the information you need to include in your will to make sure we receive your kind gift.

He's making a list...

... he's checking it twice. Stuck for gift ideas this Christmas?

Then why not consider giving the gift of BridgeEBED’s suite of Bridge for All teaching materials are all on sale now, and could make a perfect Christmas gift for any current, or future, bridge students.

Available now : revised version of Beginning Bridge Book One

Practice Book One  Book Image

This year behind the scenes the EBED team have been busy working on reviewing our training materials and today, we are pleased to launch Phase 1, the latest edition of the Bridge for All course work book, Beginning Bridge Book One - A First Year Course on How to Play Bridge. This new edition has been refreshed, and the content updated to include more relevant modern playing systems.

EBED Minibridge Sims (Free to enter)

Entries for the EBED Minibridge Sim Pairs close on Monday 7th October.

This is a great opportunity for any new students of the game to take part in an informal competition at an early stage of their learning.

12 hands have been prepared with a commentary for use by teachers with new students of any age group. The hands are organised in 3 groups of 4, with each of North, South, West and East declaring one hand in each group.