EBED Teaching and Learning Advisory Group

EBED’s Teaching and Learning Advisory Group has been formed to give guidance to EBED on all matters relating to the teaching and learning of bridge. Its members have been selected for their expertise and experience in the fields of Bridge, Education and ICT.

TLAG has a wide remit that includes offering a strategic view of EBED’s publications, the workings of EBTA (English Bridge Teachers’ Association) and has responsibility for recommending any ACOL system changes or updates. The full specification for TLAG can be read here.

All the TLAG members are focussed on opening up our wonderful game to as many people as possible and, in particular, enabling more learners to move from the safety of their classroom to the excitements of the duplicate clubroom.

TLAG’s current priority is to develop a strategy for the next generation of bridge teaching materials and how to augment our popular books ‘Beginning Bridge’ and ‘Continuing Bridge’ with resources that will open up different styles and methods for teachers and students.

The current members of TLAG are:

Mary Sharp | Bridge Teacher and EBED Teacher Educator

Lorna Watson | EBTA Manager and Bridge Teacher

Laura Porro | Management Consultant, ICT expert and Bridge Teacher
Douglas Wright | Bridge Teacher and EBED Teacher Educator
Mike Hickling | Bridge Teacher and EBED Teacher Educator
Jon Woodhead | E-Learning expert and Bridge Learner
Rob Lawy | Educational academic and member of EBU Board
Kath Stynes | ICT specialist
Donna Wright | EBED CEO

If you have any interest in taking part in this work please contact marysharp@btinternet.com We are always interested to hear from anybody who has expertise to offer in the three core areas of Education, ICT or Bridge.