EBTA Advisory Group (EAG)

Since its inception EBED has been aware of the need for increased investment in the English Bridge Teachers’ Association (EBTA). The Board of Trustees has now established an Advisory Group to make recommendations regarding how and where any increased investment should be focussed. The people on the Advisory Group are:

David Waxman (Chairman)
Gary Ames
Titch Glenday
Doug Wright
Rob Lawy
Dominic Rayner
Mike Rothwell
Donna Wright
Claire Wheeler
Richard Banbury

EBTA Advisory Group

The group has been established following a detailed analysis of EBED’s Education programmes and the work of EBTA. Its overall aim is to act as a “critical friend” to EBED’s professional staff and the group membership includes experienced and active Bridge teachers. Meetings will be held just twice a year. The first meeting early in the year will focus on planned activity with one later in the autumn analysing the success or otherwise of what has been delivered. Much of the work of the Advisory Group will be carried out through email and/or Skype discussion.

David Waxman – EBED Trustee and Chairman EBTA Advisory Group

To contact David please write to info@ebedcio.org.uk and your email will be forwarded to him.